It lets you check your drivers for outdated versions and update them
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DriverDr is a simple tool that offers a fast and easy solution to check your drivers for outdated versions and update them when and if necessary. That's an important system maintenance job, as drivers are a vital part of any system, ensuring the efficient communication between hardware devices and software components.

DriverDr comes with an elegant, modern-looking interface that makes this cool app look much better than the many other driver updating apps on the market. As for the rest, there aren't many other remarkable differences. Actually, unlike the most others driver updaters, DriverDr doesn't seem to offer any driver backup functionality. It only lets you create system restore points. Anyway, it's also accurate, as it uses a huge online database of drivers in order to precisely detect and update your obsolete ones. Furthermore, the driver scanning speed is really fast, it takes only a few minutes to scan your computer for drivers. Last but not least, scheduling capabilities are also available.

To sum it all up, DriverDR is not a spectacular tool that would manage to stand aside from the large crowd of driver updaters that are now available on the market, but it's neither a bad choice. It's a decent option that gets its job done.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use.
  • Elegant interface.
  • Accurate driver detection


  • Doesn't offer a driver backup feature.
  • The interface cannot be customized.
  • Requires a permanent Internet connection in order to access the online driver database
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